Thank You

Since I began writing memorial articles for homicide victims and missing persons, I have been privileged to have met and talked with the families of those I write about. They honor their loved ones’ memories every day, and I am blessed beyond measure to know them.

  • Dave & Mary Neese
  • Ruthi & Jill Mason
  • Tom Mauser
  • Margie Queen
  • Sheri Farmer
  • Bettye Milner
  • Amy Cook
  • Dr. Maggie Zingman
  • Angela Suttner
  • Gyndola Sweet
  • Jamey Owens
  • Monique Stewart
  • Melissa & Kevin Henderson
  • Jessica Borreson
  • Evon Reisch
  • Steven Colpitts
  • Don Morris
  • Aren Almon
  • Mike Bartle
  • Lisa Thoma & the Spurlock family
  • Sarah Turney
  • Melanie Scoggins
  • Twanna Brown
  • Kim Merryman
  • Britney Hartman
  • Adrianne Avery Dyer
  • Thomas Loran
  • Maria Wilson
  • Sherry Galloway
  • Josh Phillips
  • Leslie Seay-Martin
  • Alicia Carver
  • Mr. Donnie Martin
  • Angie Cox
  • Bill & Leslie McAllister
Lindsay Schraad with Sheri Farmer, mother of homicide victim Lori Lee Farmer.
Dr. Maggie Zingman and Lindsay Schraad
Lindsay Schraad with Dr. Maggie Zingman, mother of homicide victim Brittany Phillips.
Lindsay Schraad with Aren Almon, mother of Murrah bombing victim Baylee Almon.