“It was beautifully written. Lindsay told Carina’s story in such a beautiful way that is really special. She didn’t focus on the bad; she made people see that she was a real person.”

~ Margie Queen, mother of Carina Saunders

“During the darkest year of my family’s life, Lindsay offered a light of integrity to a deeply complicated tragedy. She was brave enough to ask for truth and compassionate enough to discern how to write it. Lindsay lovingly introduced my son, raw, rough, flawed, and beautiful, to her readers. Thank you, Lindsay, for being willing to tell the rest of the story.

~ Amy Cook, mother of Maxwell Cook

“Very good job! As a family we are very happy with the article about our Kenny!”

          ~ Angela Suttner, mother of Kenny Suttner

“The article you wrote about Denise Milner was very well written. It was informative and thoughtful.”

 ~ Bettye Milner, mother of Denise Milner

“Thank you for bringing attention to my Cousin. We will never give up on him and I will fight everyday for answers. JUSTICE FOR CODY HAYNES!”

~ Jamey Owens, cousin of Cody Haynes

” You did a beautiful job, and have a gift with words and writing. Thank you for honoring my sister’s life in one of your articles. I hope and pray it will be used for good in the lives of all that read it.”

~ Dawn Smith Jordan, sister of Shari Smith

“You couldn’t have done a better job. You help touch so many hearts. I hope you know how special you are!”

~ Britney Hartman, aunt of Gabriella Lamorie-