The Chrysalis Chapters was created specifically for victims of crime and their families. We aim to honor those who lost their lives and spread awareness of the crime – especially if it remains unsolved. Families are involved to write the most accurate articles possible.

A chrysalis, by definition, is the shell that a caterpillar or other insect resides in during its transformation into a butterfly. After metamorphosis, the butterfly emerges and leaves the chrysalis behind. Those who have left this earth are no longer physically present with us; they have endured their own transformation and left their body – their “chrysalis” – here on earth. We are here to help tell their stories.

And while this website is dedicated to every person who has lost their life due to a violent crime, it has been made especially for Carina Saunders, whose chrysalis was left behind on October 10, 2011 in Bethany, Oklahoma, and whose case remains unsolved. Her mother saw a large butterfly just a few days before Carina’s body was found, and she knew this was her daughter visiting her to reassure her that she wasn’t missing anymore – she was safe in heaven.


Rest in peace, Carina. We’ll have justice for you soon.