Mother of Sarah Galloway Searching for Answers

It has been almost two years since Sarah Galloway first disappeared from the front porch of her home in Picture Rocks, Arizona. Her remains were discovered in February of this year, but her cause and manner of death were classified as undetermined. 

Sarah’s mother, Sherry, is still searching for answers.

“I know my baby would not walk out into the desert on her own. Not by herself,” she says.

Sarah Galloway’s skeletal remains were reportedly found without clothing or personal items, according to KGUN-9. She was found approximately one mile from her home. 

Photo credit: Sherry Galloway

Now, Sherry hopes she can find a private investigator who will take on the case.

“I’ve never dealt with private investigators,” Sherry says. “I need somebody to give me answers of what happened to her.”

Sherry mentions that Sarah’s behavior was atypical in the weeks leading up to her disappearance. Sarah had claimed she was pregnant, complained of ailments, and refused to go places with her mother. She also insisted she had a “husband.”

“My husband is going to kill you,” Sarah had said. “My husband is going to steal your car.”

There are more questions than answers in Sarah’s case, which – although fading in the light of the media – has not been forgotten by her loved ones or the community who desperately searched for her. And, while there is no closure, Sherry is coming to terms with Sarah’s death.

“I’m finally learning to accept that my daughter is not coming home,” she says.

Instead of having someone to care for, Sherry now clings to the memories of the precious young woman who loved watching “Frozen” and coloring pictures. Sherry keeps her daughter’s urn at her bedside and plans to photocopy Sarah’s art to wallpaper the room. She still feels her presence, especially at night.

Sarah’s art (Photo credit: Sherry Galloway)

“I try to look at it like God took her first so that I don’t have to worry about what’s going to happen to my sweet little Sarah when I’m gone,” Sherry explains. 

Regardless of whether or not Sherry gets the answers she needs, she knows justice will never be truly served.

“I feel like she can’t rest in peace until I know. Even if I know, it’s still not going to bring closure. Even if they give the death penalty, it’s not going to be enough.”

Photo credit: Sherry Galloway

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