Where is Sarah Galloway?

Sweet Sarah Galloway,

You disappeared from us today.

What are you doing? Where did you go?

Did someone take you far away?

In the early hours of March 21, 2019, a little brunette in a grey sweater sat on the front porch of her Picture Rocks home, a city just a few miles from Tucson. Her mother, Sherry Galloway, saw her playing by herself around 7:30 in the morning before she went into the bathroom to take a shower. In only a few minutes, her daughter would disappear from her yard, leaving her family and the nation perplexed and devastated for seven months and counting.


Your family is here waiting, crying

while the public is searching, trying.

We promise we will find the truth

while someone out there’s lying, lying.

Sarah Jean Galloway was born November 18, 1980. She was taken in by the Galloway family when she was only eight, although they had known her since she was just an infant. 

“We just had my last baby and we took her in,” Sherry remembers.“She fit right into the family.”

Photo credit: Finding Sarah Galloway Facebook page

Sarah immediately gained five brothers and sisters and a loving pair of parents who adopted her four years later. With Mr. Galloway in the Navy, the family moved around throughout her childhood, spending time in Florida and Maryland. She graduated from Glen Burnie High School in Maryland in 2001, and the family moved to their home in Arizona that September. They celebrated each anniversary of their move by going to a restaurant and catching a movie every year. 

“My three little kids can’t remember a time when she wasn’t around,” Sherry says. 

 Sherry loved watching Sarah, who has Down syndrome, play by herself as a child. She grew into a lovely young woman who loves making sounds, talking to herself, and playing make believe. 

“She likes to pretend a lot,” Sherry describes. “She likes to watch 2 Broke Girls and pretend like she’s Caroline.”

Sarah also loves to watch movies, particularly Grease – pretending she’s Sandy – and Frozen. 

“She’s a very friendly person,” Sherry says. “She’s super friendly. She has unconditional love for everyone.”


The desert’s dryer, the nights are long.

We know something is very wrong.

Someone out there knows something;

they know where you have gone.

After Sherry realized her daughter wasn’t on the front porch or near the house, she checked the living room sofa to see if Sarah had fallen back asleep.


Growing increasingly concerned, she phoned a friend who lived down the street to see if Sarah had wandered that way.


Sarah tired easily and couldn’t walk too far, so Sherry began to fear that her daughter had been coerced into a car. She called 911, and the sheriff promptly came to the residence.

“It was like my heart was just melting. It was beyond devastating,” Sherry recalls.

Sarah and her brother//Photo credit: Sherry Galloway

Over the next few days, police would search the house and the neighborhood. News outlets picked up on the story, and online missing person posters were shared on Facebook thousands of times. Helicopters and planes searched the region. Days turned to weeks, and weeks turned into seven months with no answers.

Throughout this time, though, Sherry’s mind keeps circling back to one thing: Sarah’s behavior the morning she went missing.

Sarah had been attending a day center just over twenty miles from their home four days a week for over a decade. The Galloways’ lives were seemingly ordinary until one afternoon in the middle of January when Sarah returned home and began acting vastly different, claiming she had a husband at the day center.

“My husband’s going to kill you,” she threatened her mother. “My husband is going to steal your car.”

The ordinarily sweet, affectionate thirty-eight-year-old had changed overnight.

“She was really, really not Sarah,” Sherry recalls. “She used to be this sweet, happy-go-lucky kid, but at the end there, she wasn’t like that.”

Sarah also began claiming she was pregnant and complained of pains, although doctors never found anything wrong. She threw rocks at the trailer and continued threatening her mother, so Sherry pulled her from the program the last week of February.

The morning she went missing, Sarah was acting strangely again. She seemed agitated, and hadn’t slept the night before. 

“I’m going to jail,” she kept repeating to her mother. “I’m going to jail and my husband’s coming with me.”

Within an hour, she would be gone.


The world is dark, the skies aren’t blue.

Is it lonely where you are, too?

We promise we’ll see you again.

Until then, we’ll keep loving you. 

As of the publication of this article, it has been 211 days since Sarah was last seen. Her mother is slowly losing hope that her daughter will return safely – especially when psychic after psychic has told her that her daughter is gone.

“It’s the worst thing not knowing where she’s at or what happened to her,” she says.

Photo credit: Finding Sarah Galloway Facebook page

All Sherry wants is answers. She pleads to the public for whoever took her to let her know what happened and where she is. Each day is harder than the next, but she has a message for her daughter – wherever she may be. 

“I love her and I need her,” she begs. “I need her. It’s like there’s no sense in living anymore.”

Sarah Galloway is 38 years old, has Down syndrome, and was last seen wearing a red shirt, a grey sweater, and black pants. She went missing from West Massingale Road in Picture Rocks, Arizona. If you have any information regarding her whereabouts, please call 911.

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