A Cold Kentucky Night: Where is Savannah Spurlock?

On January 4th, 2019, a beautiful brown-eyed brunette in heels walked out of a bar in Lexington, Kentucky. Grainy surveillance footage shows the shivering twenty-two-year-old in the chilly winter breeze with two men. A third man was with them, out of view.

The young woman wandered off-camera with the men, disappearing from the sight of both the camera and the entire world.


“Savannah, Savannah, where did you go?

Into the night air where the Kentucky winds blow?

Into a car with two men you don’t know?

The secrets they have will eventually show…

Savannah, Savannah, we keep looking for you

in the hills, in the valleys, in the skies so blue.

Four little boys, two so brand new

are missing their mother as your family is, too.

Savannah, Savannah, our hearts ache for you.”

~ L. Schraad

 By all accounts, Savannah Spurlock is a typical girl in her twenties. She loves laying by the pool, baking, spending time with her family and friends, and playing on Pinterest. Her true passion, however, are her babies: four little boys ranging in age from five months to four years. She’d had twins only a few weeks before she went missing.

“Savannah is full of life and humor,” her best friend, Sabrina Speratos, says. “Her love is effortless.”

Photo: Lisa Thoma

 She once cooked a full meal at two in the morning because her boyfriend at the time was hungry. As a child, she would carry her little sister on her hip all over the place, sharing a deep connection with her throughout their childhood and into adulthood. She loves pampering herself, and long country rides on the country back roads of Kentucky. While she hasn’t decided on a career yet, she was attending Eastern Kentucky University and has plans to leave her mom’s house and have a fresh start in her own apartment with her children.

So why would she disappear?

On January 3rd, Savannah and two of her friends drove out to Lexington to a place called The Other Bar. There, they met new people they socialized with throughout the night. One friend left early to get a good night’s rest, as he had plans the following day. The other friend got into an argument with Savannah and left.

The surveillance footage of Savannah leaving the bar.

Savannah stayed behind.

At 2:34 the following morning, Savannah was seen on surveillance video with two other men leaving the bar. Approximately thirty minutes later, when Savannah’s mother, Ellen, realized her daughter wasn’t home yet, she gave her a call. Savannah hung up initially, but called her back via Facetime.

“I’m fine,” she said drunkenly from the passenger side of a moving vehicle. “I’ll be home in a couple of hours.”

And yet, when Ellen woke up the next morning, her daughter was still gone.


“Secrets are made to be found out with time.”

~ Charles S. Sanford

Where could the feisty and passionate young mother of four be?

Police were able to determine based off Savannah’s cell phone pings (which stopped at 8:30 that morning) and interviews with the men she was last seen with that Savannah was taken to a house in rural Garrard County, approximately forty minutes away. The men have not been formally identified, but one of them claimed Savannah left later that same morning.

“We were told that she left that location,” said Lieutenant Colonel Rodney Richardson. “That’s just something we can’t confirm right now.”

Before Savannah’s absence was known to the public, police had begun searching for her after her mother reported her missing the evening of January 4th. When the gravity of the situation was immediately realized, the Cajun Search and Rescue Team and Texas Equusearch quickly arrived to help. Flyers showing the glowing smile of the missing woman were hung by friends and family around Lexington and Garrard County.

The Dix River was searched on the young woman’s twenty-third birthday – the first solemnly celebrated without her.

Photo: Lisa Thoma

A $10,000 reward fund was publicized with one catch – the person with information about Savannah’s whereabouts had to come forward by May 15th.

The day came and went as quickly as Savannah vanished, with no positive leads.

“We’ve used social media as a huge resource to keep her story alive and be her voice,” Savannah’s aunt, Lisa Thoma, says. “We set up an anonymous tip line for people to use. It’s received over 200 tips. We had a billboard donated by Lamar Advertising for about 2 months, we have business cards being circulated locally, and both local media and national media have helped spread awareness. We’ve held an Amazon wishlist fundraiser to send diapers and needed items to her children. We created and sold tee shirts to spread awareness and raise money toward search and rescue efforts and a reward.”


“The world is too quiet without you nearby.”

~ Daniel Handler

It has been over five months since Savannah’s disappearance, but her family clings to a glimmer of hope that their beloved daughter will be found alive. Prayer vigils, car decals, and business cards continue to circulate Kentucky in anticipation that someone will come forward with information.

“As time goes on, the outcome appears to be grim,” her family states.

For now, Savannah’s four sons are being taken care of by her family members: her father and his fiance have her oldest child, while the younger three are being taken care of by their dad. Sabrina helps out as much as she can, and the families often coordinate to get the boys together. The children are coping well, but it is obvious they are aware of their mother’s absence, and remind their family of Savannah every day.

Photo: Lisa Thoma

“They are still young,” Sabrina shares, “and are growing and happy. We do the best we can to support them and give them all the love.”

Yet four little boys are without their mother, and Savannah’s family desperately misses their daughter, sister, and niece.

“Until we are told otherwise, we are trying to keep hope alive that she is okay,” they say. “We feel strongly that the people last seen with her are not telling the full truth.”

If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of Savannah Spurlock, please call the Richmond Police Department at 859-623-8911.

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    Soooo sad…..I hope and pray she is found soon…..alive and well.


  2. Cindy perkins says:

    I pray that she will be found soon god please put in arm around the family and mother of those presoios baby to be found in Jesus name amem


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